Extra Goodies

We have extensive menus to fit any occasion or budget. If you or a member of your party has any allergies or you just can't stand tomato in your sandwich, please let us know and we will be happy to discuss alternatives with you.

Sausage Rolls


  • Sausage Rolls
  • Quiche
  • Chicken Skewers
  • Prawn Skewers
  • Pakora
  • Samosas
  • Vegetable Kebabs and Dip
  • Crudités
  • Onion Bhaji 


  • Tray Bakes/Muffins
  • Chocolate Èclairs/Cakes
  • Doughnuts
  • Cookies
  • Homemade Tablet
  • Homemade Fudge
  • Brownie Bites
  • Danish Pastries
Fruit Salad


  • Fruit Basket
  • Fruit Salads
  • Fruit Skewers
  • Fruit Platter
Orange Juice


  • Cans of Juice
  • Fruit Juice (1 Litre Cartons)
  • Still/Sparkling Water (1.5 Litre Bottles)