Lunch Menus

All our food is prepared on the morning for your lunch time delivery! The quiche has double cream and egg baked fresh every morning and the wraps are made with our own roast chicken breast.

Lunch Menu 1

Selection of Sandwiches on White and Wholemeal bread

Mixed Wraps
Sausage Rolls
Homemade Vegetarian Quiche
Marinated chicken Skewers Changed weekly

Fresh Fruit Basket

£8.40 per person

Lunch Menu 2

Selection of Sandwiches on White and Wholemeal bread

Selection of Rustic &Granary Rolls
Humous and Spiced Bean Wraps
Chicken Tikka Wraps

Fresh Fruit Basket Crisps
Tray Bakes

£10.60 per person

Lunch Menu 3

Selection of Filled Flat Breads

Avocado & Prawn Marie Rose
Pulled Pork & Slaw
Chicken, Bacon & Avocado
Hummus & Roasted Peppers

Vegetable Crudities and Dips

Fresh Fruit Platter
Chocolate Cake/ Jam Sponge

£13.75 per person

Lunch Menu 4 - The Light Lunch

Selection of Mini Batch Rolls

Tomato & Philadelphia Pumpkin Wraps
Thai Chicken Wraps
Crisp Breads & Ryvita with Hummus, Edam & Cottage Cheese
Vegetable Quiche/ Prawn Skewers, Peppered Mackerel

Selection of Vegetable Crudités & Dips
Orzo Feta Salad Fire Roasted Dressing
Spicy Cous Cous salad

Greek Yoghurt & Compote

£15.70 per person

Lunch Menu 5 - VIP Lunch

Selection of Speciality Sandwiches

Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Open Sandwich
Chinese red Pork & Apple Chutney Open Sandwich
Brie & Balsamic Onions Open Sandwich
Prawn Marie Rose Open Sandwich

Mature Cheddar & Red Onion Quiche
Cajun Chicken Skewers
Chilli & Lime Prawns Skewers

Spicy Cous Cous Salad
Baby Vegetable Salad

Fresh Fruit Platter Home Made Chocolate Mouse
Cheese, Celery & Wafers

£25.30 per person

48 Hours’ notice must be given for a Menu 4 & Menu 5